Saturday, July 25, 2009


LOL, here are the next 2 images I have done tonight... and I think they may be the last for tonight... I am getting tired from making cards all day. I am ready to just go watch whatever I want to on TV and relax my back a little! But I think these next 2 images are better than the first, I am really working on SLOWING DOWN!

I do feel that if I had just a few more colors, like HAIR colors, things might go a little smoother!:) I really need to invest in BROWNS, for hair and wood!

So, I used 2 stamps from the "A Kind Word" stamp set from Stampin' Up. I LOVE this set!!

My major problem with the cats and hat is that I got out of line terribly! (Excuse my pictures, I can't seem to get the right kind of light here in my house for these pictures! UGH!)

I think the girl turned out pretty good though! Terrible bleeding on the swing part though, UGH!

So, leave me a comment with comments(duh) or suggestions!:)


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