Friday, August 14, 2009

More Coloring!

I decided last night to take my giant pad of paper, my Copics, and my BIG envelope of stamped images into my bedroom, spread everything out on the bed, turn on a movie and just COLOR!!

So, here is what I have colored, I am happy with some of it, especially the little fisherboy, but some of it is NOT GOOD, like the hair on most of them! LOL Still need practice with hair!


  1. Steph, I think you're wrong about your coloring not being good... I think it looks great! And you did a ton of it, too... My favorite is the sassy lil girl with the patched jeans holding the envelope.

  2. Doing great, girl! You're just going to get better & better each time you do it! :o)

  3. they look great.You did a beautiful job. Keep up the good work. For me, I find when blending staying in the lines is the hardest.